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The Elephant Man
​​By Bernard Pomerance
Directed by David Morgan



COSTUMES: Maria Schulte

MASKS: Mallory Mackay

LIGHTING: Mark Ohran

SOUND: Spencer Carter


“Setting the play on a carnival stage was an inspired choice, revealing how Merrick’s hospital ‘home’ was yet another venue for his captivity and public display… Scenic designer Carter Thompson and costume designer Maria Schulte make strong contributions to the play’s visual success.”


-Blair Howell, The Deseret Morning News


​​By Philip Barry
Directed by Barta Heiner



COSTUMES: Mallory Mackay/Jocelyn Chatman

LIGHTING: Brianna Stephenson

SOUND: Doug Olsen



“My first impression of BYU’s Holiday came from its gorgeous set, designed by Carter Thompson. Sky-reaching walls, an ornate fireplace, and wallpaper that sings of older times literally set the stage for a story straight from 1928.”

-Paige Guthrie, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

Little Eyolf
​​By Henrik Ibsen
Translated by Eric Samuelsen
Directed by Barta Heiner



COSTUMES: Deanne DeWitt

LIGHTING: Brianna Stephenson

SOUND: Doug Olsen



"The set, designed by Carter Thompson, is the façade of what appears to be a large, oceanside manor. The set is well built and easily adapted to fit the many locations throughout the show."


-Steve Dunford, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

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